Keeping you safe in your home: Asbestos

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a group of fibrous minerals found naturally in rock formations throughout many parts of the world. Even though asbestos is a known carcinogenic material, it is still used by some countries in building construction materials, however it is no longer permitted to be imported or used in any European countries.

What we are doing to keep you safe in your home:

We are carrying out asbestos surveys in our homes, the information we gather will be stored on our asbestos register. If asbestos is found in your home, our surveyor will decide on the safest way to deal with it.

Where the asbestos containing material is in good condition, it is safe to leave it in place. Materials that are damaged and unsafe will be removed or encapsulated.

Asbestos can be found in products such as:

  • Bath panels and boxing
  • Artex (Textured Coating)
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Corrugated cement sheeting (outhouses and garages)
  • Wall boarding – internal partitions, airing cupboards and linings
  • Soffit boards
  • Roofs and exterior walls
  • Gutters, downpipes and soil stacks

What you can do:

  • If we have told you about asbestos in your home, please do not disturb it. When left alone, it will remain harmless.
  • Let us know if you plan to carry out any DIY in your home, it is not safe to carry out work to areas containing asbestos, so it is important that you ask us about this first.
  • If you think damage has been caused to asbestos containing materials, do not attempt to repair or sweep up any debris yourself. Report your concern to us first, contact us online or please call our contact centre on 0800 0121080.

Remember, asbestos containing materials that are in good condition will not cause you any harm, and should not be disturbed.

Find out more about Asbestos from the HSE.

Image courtesy of the HSE.

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