Volunteers create 104 Wildlife Garden in Blaenymaes

 The transformation of the tired and unloved garden behind our community house in Blaenymaes has begun.

Funding has been secured from Foresters Financial and the Royal Horticultural Society’s Greening Grey Britain campaign to create a safe haven for both local wildlife and people. A calm environment where people can take time out with a watering can and a cuppa and eventually, once this phase of the transformation is complete, enjoy the wildflowers, bees and butterflies.,

This intergenerational project has held two events to date.  The first, on Friday 20th April, was an introductory lunchtime social, where local residents met to look at the garden and share their ideas.  Then on Saturday 12th May, we held an activity day, supported by Foresters Financial staff volunteers, local residents got stuck in!!

Benches were put together, tyre planters were filled with various herbs, a hedgerow was planted around three sides, trellis put up and fragrant honeysuckle, clematis and lavender was planted in both the back and front gardens.

Next we will be planting wildflower plug plants, sewing wildflower seeds, putting up bird boxes, installing a water butt and various other tasks will keep the community busy over the coming weeks and months.

While the garden is being developed the project will be  supported by RHS Community Outreach Advisor and local people are invited to volunteer as and when they can.   Also with weekly Wildlife Fridays sessions it shouldn’t be long before the garden is ready for the whole community both human and non-human to enjoy!

Pop in anytime on Fridays between 10:30am – 4:30pm to get involved in creating and enjoying the garden.  All ages welcome.

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