Twenty happy families housed in new homes in Gurnos

We were really pleased to offer 20 families the chance to live in a brand new home in Gurnos recently.

The new estate of 18 houses and 2 bungalows have been built mainly on the site of the former Gurnos Primary School with most of the houses fronting onto the existing residential street. A variety of materials and design features have been used in the new development in order to complement the existing street scene and provide an attractive living environment.   The houses offer ‘homes for life’ with a downstairs wet room as well us upstairs family bathroom.

All the families applied for the houses through the Powys Common Housing Register, including 3 people transferring from 1 bedroom flats and another family moving to smaller accommodation.  One of the 2 bungalows allowed a couple and adult son to again live together again to provide mutual support.

Following the move into their new homes tenants told us:

“We have moved to our new bungalow. It is very nice here, the best move we have done. We have been waiting a long time for it but nice to have the family back together. Looking forward to all being happy in our new home”.

“We recently moved in to our new home and have a small baby and a dog. Our home is fantastic, very light and airy which brings a real positive vibe. We have a lovely garden that the dog is really enjoying and have been able to entertain family and friends and have a nice safe place for the kids to play. Everyone who visits loves the house and is really impressed with what Gwalia have offered us.”

“I feel lucky to have this house and am so glad to move from my last home. I have down sized from a 3 bed to a 2 bed but this house is a lot nicer and some of the rooms bigger, love the wet room and kitchen diner.  The garden is a lot nicer and less upkeep, and I love the fact Gwalia have provided us with a shed, outside tap and barrel to collect rain water. Its more private and I like the wider stairs and landing.”


Keep your eyes peeled for phase 2 with another 22 two-bedroom houses and 3 three-bedroom houses.  There are already being build and we are hoping to complete these in early summer 2019.





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