Applying for a Home

To apply for a home with Gwalia you can either:

  • Apply online (you will be applying subject to eligibility checks).
  • Phone us on 0800 012 1080 (Freephone) or 01792 488288 (local rate for calling from from a mobile).

You will: need to check our open waiting lists here to see what areas are available to apply for

For homes that are available NOW click here

We will: Ask you some questions about your current circumstances, where you want to live and what type of property you need.

We will then: Confirm if we are able to help you or not. If we are able to accept your application, you will be advised of your housing needs assessment and which areas where we are likely to be able to offer you a property.

We have very high demand for some areas and unfortunately we are not able to help everyone who may want to live in those areas. If we are not able to help you, we will provide you with advice about options in the areas where you want to live.

We work in partnership with Carmarthenshire and Powys Local Authority areas. To apply for housing in these areas, please follow the links below to be redirected to the Local Authority websites:

To apply for homes in Carmarthenshire click here

To apply for homes in Powys click here

You can also have a look at our Allocation Lettings Policy (2229 downloads)


Housing for people Over 55

We have a number of housing schemes for people who are aged over 55.  Find out more here

You can apply for our over 55s housing by filling out the same Housing Application form. If you are looking for over 55s housing with support or care services, you will need to also have referral from a support worker or social services.

talk to us

For more information on this subject or on any other matter relating to Gwalia Housing, please contact us via telephone on 0800 012 1080. Alternatively you can use our online form or send us an email. You can also connect with us via facebook or twitter.

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