Report a Repair

Our customers have told us that when carrying out repairs it’s important that we do a good quality job; in a reasonable time scale.

You can report a repair in the following ways:

  • Login to My Gwalia – our online portal also allows you to see the status of your repair, your tenancy details, rent payments and further information relating to your tenancy.
  • Calling us on 0800 012 1080
  • Complete the short questionnaire below – you don’t have to log in for this.

Please note that if you feel that your repair is an emergency due to the danger that it poses, please phone us on 0800 012 1080 rather than reporting online.

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For more information on this subject or on any other matter relating to Gwalia Housing, please contact us via telephone on 0800 012 1080. Alternatively you can use our online form or send us an email. You can also connect with us via facebook or twitter.

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