Blocked Drains

Blockages in household pipes and drains can be nasty, they stop the waste water you want to get rid of from leaving your home. If you are having trouble flushing the loo, or the water at your sink is either not draining away or draining away really slowly, you could have a blockage.

When wastewater is unable to flow away it can come back up into your home from the toilet or sink, flooding your home and causing damage to your property. Sewers are only designed to take away wastewater, toilet tissue and human waste. All other paper products, including kitchen roll and wet wipes, should be put in the bin.

Most blockages are caused by cooking fat and oil, which harden in the sewers, forming a thick layer around the pipes. This prevents sewage from flowing and can cause it to back up. Wet wipes and sanitary items can also cause major blockages.

Please make sure that only wastewater, toilet tissue and human waste goes down your drains and into the sewer. Wrap up sanitary products, nappies, wet wipes etc. and put them in the bin.

After cooking, fat, oil and grease should be left to cool- it can then be put in the bin or mixed with seeds and nuts to make a feeder for birds.

Medicines, tablets, syringes and needles should be taken to your pharmacist, local hospital or health authority for safe disposal.

Should you have any issues with blockages at your home, you should attempt to first clear the blockage. Most blockages are caused by the build up of waste such as tea leaves, hair, soap, shampoo etc. There are many products on the market that can be purchased at your local supermarket or DIY store to fix the problem. Please ensure you follow all of the manufacturer’s guidance. If the problem persists, then please do call us. We can then arrange for a contractor to attend and clear the blockage for you.

Blocked drains cost Gwalia a considerable amount of money. Should we find that the blockage has been caused by misuse, we will have no option other than to pass the cost onto you as per our recharge policy.

We really want to avoid this, and only attend to unavoidable blockages so please consider what is being poured down the sink and flushed down the loo.

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