What to do if a Tenant has Passed Away

This is a difficult time for family and friends who are dealing with the death of a loved one and we want to do what we can to help.

Our New Homes Team is here to help as soon as you feel able to do this. You will need to provide a copy of the death certificate and provide contact details for the Executor to the Will, where a Will exists.

What Happens Next

  • When a sole tenant dies – only one person named on the tenancy agreement

If the Tenant dies and there is no joint tenant or anyone else living with them, please let us know and return the keys as soon as possible. Once the keys are returned we can complete the tenancy. You can request more time to empty the property, but we may ask for the rent to be paid from the Tenant’s estate. We can offer advice about how to dispose of unwanted furniture if you are unsure.

  • When a joint tenant dies – two people are named on the tenancy agreement

When there is a joint tenancy and one of the partnership passes away,  the tenancy automatically changes to a sole tenancy, provided the other named person is still living at the property. Please contact us as soon as you feel able to, and we will be in touch to help sort out the tenancy paperwork and any changes to rent or benefit claims.

  • Succession – family members not named on the tenancy live at the address

In certain circumstances, close family members may be able to take on the tenancy from a deceased family member. This is called a succession. There are criteria to be met, such as, they must have been living in the home for more than 12 months and there must have been no previous succession to the tenancy. If you are succeeding to the tenancy and are the husband or wife of the person who has passed away, we won’t ask you to move but will support you to find a new home if that’s what you want to do.

If a family member qualifies for succession, but the house is too large for their needs, we may offer an alternative property. We would do this where the property is too large for the remaining person or where the property has been adapted for a disabled person.

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