Changing your Tenancy

Your tenancy is a legal document and any changes to it must be made within the law.

Changes to a Joint Tenancy

If you are a joint tenant and you or your partner is thinking of moving out, contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer for advice. If you move and don’t sort out the tenancy this does not end your responsibility as a tenant, you will still be responsible for meeting the terms of the tenancy including making rent payments.

If you are married and are getting a divorce, you should ask your solicitor to sort out the tenancy as part of the divorce proceedings.

If you want to end your interest in a joint tenancy, you must give us 4 weeks notice in writing. If one joint tenant does this, there is no automatic right for the remaining person to stay in the property.

In certain circumstances, we can consider allowing the tenancy to be assigned from joint names into the name of one of the tenants.  Both tenants have to sign a legal document to do this.

If your joint tenant has already left and not given us notice in writing, we cannot consider putting the tenancy into your sole name until we receive this notice or unless a court orders us to do this.

Changes to a Sole Tenancy

If you are a sole tenant and want to add someone to your tenancy contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer for advice. You will need to understand how this may affect your security of tenure. We usually require people to live together for 12 months before we will consider this. We will also need to make some checks on the person you want to have a joint tenancy with.

Changing your Name on Marriage

If you have changed your name as a result of a marriage, we will need to see a copy of your marriage certificate so that we can change the name on your tenancy.


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