Digital Inclusion: Helping you get Online

Being able to use a computer and get on the internet, is becoming increasingly necessary in the UK: from managing your bank account & keeping in touch with friends, to shopping online & applying for jobs. We are here to help you if the internet seems like everyone is speaking a different language!

Already, there are lots of advantages to being online, for example:

  • Many employers now only advertise jobs on the internet
  • The average household could save £560 annually by being online
  • The Government is now providing many of its services exclusively online, including universal credit applications
  • As a Gwalia customer, you can now access your account 24 hours a day through MyGwalia

Working in partnership with Discovery at Swansea University and the MCC in Neath, we are able to provide you with all the support you need to get you up an running. Get in touch with us today and you’ll be saving on your house bills, connecting with friends and successfully managing your money online in no time!

“I was shown there’s nothing to be scared of. Being shown the basics of using a computer has given me confidence to explore more…. I’m now a whizz on Facebook and actively use it in my community” Mum of two

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