If you are a council or housing association customer you may be able to move via a mutual exchange, which is where you ‘swap’ your home and tenancy with another tenant. Gwalia is working with a company called HomeSwapper to provide a free service for our tenants looking to move. The service is designed to help you to find somebody who is willing to ‘swap’ with you.

HomeSwapper holds a list of thousands of tenants across the country who are interested in swapping their properties.  You need to register the area and type of property in which you are interested and then you will be matched up to people who may be interested in swapping with you.

You will be sent information about possible matches by email, text message or your on-site account. Registration is free to Gwalia tenants, easy and secure.  You  can register via the HomeSwapper website.

For more information, check HomeSwapper’s frequently-asked questions page or contact a member of the New Homes Team on 01792 488288/ 0800 012 1080 via email

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