Improving Our Repairs & Maintenance Service Update

The next changes happening to our repairs service affect those tenants who live in areas that have their repairs carried out by Morgan Sindall Property Services:

From 8th August the routine jobs (non emergency) will instead be passed to ASW who will be carrying out repairs in Gwalia homes over the next few weeks. Emergency repairs will continue to be carried out by Morgan Sindall in the areas they cover until 24th August.

The exciting news is that our in-house trades team is starting to take shape and from 15th August routine jobs will be allocated to Pobl Trades. From week commencing 21st August tenants will receive communication from Pobl Trades with details of an appointment to complete the repair.

From 21th August tenant will be allocated a repairs appointment at the time they report a routine repair – an important change that our customers have been asking for.

From 28th August all routine repairs and from 30th August all emergency repairs previously covered by Morgan Sindall Property Services will be carried out by Pobl Trades.

ASW will cover emergency repairs on 28th & 29th August.

As their work with us comes to an end, we’re really excited that many of the staff from Morgan Sindall Property Services will be joining us as part of our Pobl trades team. Keep an eye out for the new team in their Pobl uniforms!

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