Mutual Exchanges

If you want to move, you may be able to swap your home with another Gwalia customer – or with a tenant of a local authority or another housing association.

Getting permission

If you find someone to swap with, you should put the request in writing to us outlining who you want to swap with. You must get permission before moving.

When you exchange, you have to accept the other property as it is and take on any outstanding tenant repairs to the home that the other tenant was responsible for. It is worth checking what these are before you agree to move.

We’ll let you know within 42 days from the date you enter your application whether the swap can go ahead.

We’ll try and help you as much as we can when you transfer or swap. However, you might be delayed or refused for the following reasons:

  • Rent arrears
  • Recharges or court costs
  • Your home is in a poor state of repair
  • The new house is larger or smaller than you need
  • It has adaptations you don’t need
  • You’ve breached your  tenancy agreement
  • Repossession action  has begun against you. 

For more information on the Home Swapper Service, please click here.

talk to us

For more information on this subject or on any other matter relating to Gwalia Housing, please contact us via telephone on 0800 012 1080. Alternatively you can use our online form or send us an email. You can also connect with us via facebook or twitter.

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