Recycling in Powys

To assist with kerbside recycling in Powys, the council provides:

  1. Red box and net-plastic and cans
  2. Aqua box-bottles and jars
  3. Blue box-paper and card
  4. Green food bin

Items that go in the red box include: clean food and drink cans, Clean plastic bottles(rinsed,squashed and lids removed), Plastic bottle tops and lids, Metal bottle tops and jar lids, Aerosol cans, Clean plastic food trays, Clean food pots and tubs, Aluminium foil

Items that go in the aqua box include: Clean glass bottles and jars lids

Items that go in the blue box include: Newspapers and magazines, Catalogues and telephone directories, Envelopes, Shredded paper (in a envelope or wrapped in paper), Flattened cereal boxes and other card, Brown card(must fit in box), Hard-back and paper-back books

Find out more about recycling in Powys here.  You can also use the handy tool to find out when your recycling is collected.



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