Recycling in Swansea

To assist with kerbside recycling in Swansea, the council provides:

  1. Green bags
  2. Pink reusable bags
  3. White garden waste bag
  4. Green food bin waste
  5. Collection of a maximum of 3 black bags per fortnight.

You can put the following items of glass & cans in green bags: Bottles and jars, Cans and tins, Empty aerosol cans, Aluminium foil eg wrap and trays, Small items of metal kitchenware eg pots and pans, baking trays etc, Metal lids.  Keep the following items of paper and card in a separate green bag: Card, Catalogues, Envelopes, Junk mail, Magazines, Newspaper, Shredded Paper, Office paper, Yellow Pages, Greetings cards (plain card only)

You can put all the following items together in your reusable pink bag: Plastic bottles including water bottles, milk bottles, cola bottles, shampoo bottles, etc, Clean plastic food trays, Loose plastic bottle tops and caps, Plastic margarine/ice cream tubs, Plastic yoghurt pots

You can put the following items in your garden waste bag: Grass cuttings, Hedge cuttings, Leaves and plant matter, Sticks and twigs, Flowers and weeds, Sawdust, woodchip and hay animal bedding (plant eating animals only), Real Christmas trees (broken up)

Find out more about recycling in Swansea here. You can also use the handy tool to find out when your recycling is collected

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