Dealing with Anti Social Behaviour

Your Community Safety Team are highly skilled at resolving disputes and mediating compromise. The team use different approaches based on the situation, and will work closely with you to reach a solution. Some of the approaches used include:
  • Restorative Practice
  • Mediation
  • Noise app reports
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
  • Crisis Intervention and Tenancy Support
  • Diary recording
  • Warning letters and interviews
  • Civil Injunctions
  • Victim Support
  • Demotion of tenancy
  • Notice Seeking Possession
  • Eviction
Victim Support 2
Although we will evict tenants when it is necessary to do so, it will almost always be the last resort.
If you are experiencing problems in your community you can contact us using the links below.


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For more information on this subject or on any other matter relating to Gwalia Housing, please contact us via telephone on 0800 012 1080. Alternatively you can use our online form or send us an email. You can also connect with us via facebook or twitter.

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