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Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Customer ServiceWe encourage you to give us your feedback on the services we provide. Your feedback is important to us, it helps us to make sure that our services are efficient and effective. Our aim is always to ensure you receive good customer service.

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Comments and suggestions give you the opportunity to make a comment about our services. This may include suggestions on how we can improve certain aspects of service delivery.

Your comment or suggestion will be recorded as passed on to the relevant staff to look into further. 

To make a comment or suggestion: Call us freephone on , visit our offices in person at , Swansea, or fill in our online form below.



Compliments tell us when we have got things right and that a service has been delivered well.

Your compliment will be acknowledged and passed on to the relevant staff to thank them for their commitment to providing good customer service.

To make a compliment: Call us freephone on , visit our offices in person at , Swansea, or fill in our online form below.


A request for service

A request for service is when you make a reasonable request to receive a service that we should be providing. A request for service is not considered a complaint.

To request a repair: You can report it to us online using our 'report a repair' tool or you can call us freephone on

To request any other service: You can call us freephone on , visit our offices in person at , Swansea, or fill in our online form below.



Informal complaints: An informal complaint is an 'expression of dissatisfaction'. This means you are dissatisfied with an aspect of our service, whether it is something we have not done to your satisfaction, or have failed to do. Usually we are able to resolve an informal complaint quickly.

Formal complaints: A formal complaint is when you remain dissatisfied with our attempts to resolve any informal complaint about our service.

Who can make a complaint? Anyone who receives a service from us can make a complaint. This includes tenants, clients receiving support, funding bodies, partner agencies and members of the community.  

How to make a complaint: First, we ask that you make an 'informal complaint'. If you remain unhappy, you can then make a 'formal complaint' in one of the following ways:

  • In person to any member of staff at our offices at , Swansea, .
  • By phone on freephone or from a mobile.
  • By letter addressed to: Customer Assurance Team, , Swansea,
  • By email to our Customer Assurance Team on:
  • By fax to
  • Online via the form below

When making a complaint please provide us with as much information as possible, including any suggestions on how you would like us to resolve your complaint.


How we will deal with your complaint

We aim to deal with your complaint quickly, thoroughly and in a fair manner. We will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days
  • Investigate your complaint thoroughly before responding
  • Keep you informed of any delays in the investigation into your complaint
  • Give you a full response within 20 working days

We may contact you following our response so that you can tell us how your felt your complaint was handled.

Complaints about staff are taken seriously and we investigate all allegations. Complaints about anti-social behaviour will be dealt with by the Tenancy Team.

Online form: comments, compliments and complaints

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